Dear Mr. Pas,
you have arranged  events in Kassel using the name documenta.We would like to point out that the name documenta is register as a trade mark by the German patent office and that the documeta and museum Fridricianum corporation exclusively holds the copyright. Therefore, we would like to advise you that you no longer make use of the name and to remove the information from the internet.

Sincerely yours

Bernd Leihfeld (documenta and museum Fridericianum corporation.)


Recently the industry discovered ecological engagement as a reliable image strategy. Accordingly, Saab - a subsidiary company of General Motors and main sponsor of the documenta- is promoting a supposedly "climate neutral" ethanol made of maple-wood on the documenta XII.

On Saturday September the 15th, after a three month exhibit, Jae Pas cut the sculpture with chain-saws and the help of passers-by into firewood sized artworks. Signed by the artists with branding irons, the pieces where handed out to international visitors for the price of a daily documenta ticket. Around the spot where the tree was placed, grass sprouted to great length during the tree month exhibition. The silhouette of the tree and the remains of the work could be seen for one more week until documenta XII ended.